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Why CFG?

Creekside Financial Group Inc. specializes in providing client goals-based financial advisory services and investment management in the following areas:


  • Individuals transitioning from career to retirement

  • Individuals transitioning between jobs or careers

  • Individuals, families and trustees

  • Business owners

  • Low-cost 401(k)/Roth, 403(b)/Roth, SEP-IRA, SIMPLE-IRA for employer-sponsored plans


How is CFG Different?

  1. Proprietary Process. CFG uses a very specific, proprietary process flowchart involving retirement goals, income sources, current assets and debt, family dependents, big purchases, legacy, estate planning and more to properly develop a “game plan” along with investment and distribution strategies to reach your retirement goals.

  2. Proprietary Investment Management.  While there are occasions when using a third-party investment model makes perfect sense, almost all CFG clients are invested in CFG-specific models, based on the investment goals of the client.  One example is CFG Retire Shield® (tactical management).  For more information about our popular Retire Shield®  models, click here.

  3. Proprietary Retirement Income Planning.  We believe investment management and retirement income planning MUST go hand-in-hand.  Why?  One of the most important factors to sustainable retirement income distribution is “sequence of return risk” (see explanation example here).  By utilizing Retire Shield® Portfolio Series Models and potentially combined with non-securities, principal-protected solutions, our goal is to mitigate a negative sequence of return risk.

  4. Low Fee Approach.  When building a portfolio or portfolio series, it is among our primary goals to keep expense ratios to a minimum while still gaining exposure to the specific markets and segments desired for both portfolio growth and risk-allocated diversification.

  5. Transparency/Fiduciary.  As a fiduciary advisory firm that is REQUIRED to always act in your best interest, transparency is of utmost importance. CFG advisors do not participate in securities transaction commissions, markups, markdowns or 12b1 fees. Our simple fee structure aligns your interests with our interests.  This way, when your account grows, so does our fee.

  6. Willingness to use non-securities solutions when appropriate.  There are specific occasions when an annuity, life or long term care insurance option is best suited to meet a client’s goals.  When this occasion surfaces, we are licensed with dozens of companies by which to shop for the right solution. 

  7. Insurance expertise and solutions.  CFG’s common-ownership company, Creekside Insurance Advisors Inc. specializes in all things “retiree” such as products surrounding Medicare, under-65 health insurance, life, long term care, annuities, etc. For instance, CFG advisors are keenly aware of the income limits for under-65 health insurance subsidy as well as income thresholds for Medicare Part B and Part D penalty.  Many of these insurance conversations can be discussed during your financial appointment visit.

  8. Relationships with local tax and legal professionals.  Need a Will, POA, Advanced Medical Directive or Trust?  How about a complex tax issue?  CFG can refer you to a local professional who can help with these related, but important needs.

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