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What is  CFG Retire Shield®?  
CFG Retire Shield® is our proprietary model portfolio series consisting of either an aggressive, moderate, or conservative asset allocation. All 3 models will move to a defensive allocation when specific, pre-determined volatility triggers are met.
How does CFG Retire Shield® work?  
CFG Retire Shield® measures monthly market volatility to determine whether the model asset allocations will hold a growth allocation or defensive allocation during the next month.  When the monthly market volatility score reaches a pre-determined threshold, all 3 models will rebalance to a defensive allocation.  When the monthly market volatility score is below the pre-determined threshold, the model indicates a growth allocation.
CFG Retire Shield® also uses three specific, intra-month “bail-out” triggers that allow for the model to move to a defense allocation without waiting until the end of the month.
What is the goal of CFG Retire Shield®?  
The primary goal of the CFG Retire Shield® Model Series is to reduce the possibility of a substantial market drawdown while still allowing for potential portfolio growth and liquidity.
For what type of investor is CFG Retire Shield®  Model Series positioned?  
CFG Retire Shield® is specifically positioned for investors who have accumulated a substantial portfolio value, wish to continue growing their portfolio, at least partially in the equity market, but desire a daily watch over their portfolio in order to reduce the likelihood of substantial market drawdown.



99% Equities
0% Fixed Income
1% Cash 


59% Equities
40% Fixed Income
1% Cash 


30% Equities
69% Fixed Income
1% Cash 
Pie Chart 1 percent-gold.png
Pie Chart 59 percent.png
Pie Chart 69 percent.png



0% Equities
99% Fixed Income
1% Cash 
Pie Chart 1 percent-blue.png
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