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Do you need a will or a trust or perhaps both?  The answer depends on your assets and family circumstances.  There are endless scenarios that may recommend one or both, such as blended families from second marriages, assets above the estate tax exemption, a special needs child, etc.  Our advisors have relationships with local, estate law attorneys who will assist in the process of securing your family assets the way that YOU wish to direct them. 


Ensuring that your loved ones are financially secure can be among the most important aspects of estate planning.  Many retirees are under-insured in the event of untimely death of one spouse or the other.  Social Security elections can also be structured in order to maximize the income to the surviving spouse.  Pensions often offer reduced benefits to include a portion (or all) of the income to continue to the surviving spouse.  Is this a good idea?  We can help.


Are you at risk for estate taxes upon death?  If so, there are several steps to ensure your family keeps control of these assets.  Maximizing personal and spousal exemptions, gifting before death, transferring assets into a trust or LLC, and purchasing life insurance are just a few strategies that might be implemented to offset, reduce, or eliminate estate taxes.  How many stories have you heard of the family having to "sell the farm" due to lack of estate planning?


Do you want to leave behind a charitable legacy?  Is there a cause that you support beyond the family?  If so, there are many terrific, tax-preferred strategies that can be implemented to make this impression either before or after death.  Let's talk about it!

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