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Employer Retirement Plans


Employer-Sponsored Plans Offered Through 

Creekside Financial Group Inc. (CFG)

401(k)/Roth, 403(b)/Roth, SEP-IRA, SIMPLE IRA


Low Cost*:  As a fiduciary 3(21) advisor, our primary goal is to keep all employer-sponsored and employee-participant fees as low as possible. Heavy fees can have a significant impact not only on the employer’s bottom line, but also in the long-term accumulation of the employee’s account value.  One of the most hidden fees within these plans is the investment expense ratio.  Our CFG 401k Series Portfolio Models have average expense ratios of only .05% to .07%.  Additionally, for 401(k) and 403(b) accounts, where recordkeeping, non-discrimination testing, document preparation, etc is required, CFG utilizes a third-party administrator (TPA) for these purposes.


Participant Investment Portfolios:  CFG has designed growth-oriented portfolio options for employee-participants across multiple risk tolerances.  Additional investment funds are also made available for participants who wish to have more control over their own portfolio.  CFG provides in-person or video conferencing (geography-dependent) for employees to understand their choices and help educate them to make informed decisions regarding their investments. CFG advisors act as a 3(21) fiduciary, and as required, always educate in the participant’s best interest based on their long-term investment goals.  CFG Portfolio Summary Reports available upon request with 10-year benchmarking data.


Easy Plan Setup & Payroll Processing:  We will work with your payroll processor to implement the initial setup, and also to process payroll contributions and deferrals.  The employer will have a dedicated coordinator who will be available throughout the lifetime service of the plan.


Form 5500 Processing:  CFGs TPA choice for 401(k) and 403(b) plans prepares Form 5500 as “signature-ready.”


Web Portal Access:  Both the employer-sponsor and the employee-participant will have on-demand, instant access to view and update their accounts. The participant portal includes multiple features that allow for investment allocation changes as well a financial calculator to monitor that their progress is on-track with their financial goals.





$500 Setup fee (Start Up), $1000 Setup fee (Conversion)

$1500/year (up to 30 employees) TPA fee

$30/year for each additional employee beyond 30

.40% total annual fee of asset balance

.06% - .07% average annual portfolio expense ratio



$0 Set Up fee

$0 Administrative fee

1% annual advisory fee of participant asset balances

.06% - .07% average annual portfolio expense ratio


*Contact Creekside Financial Group Inc. (CFG) for fee disclosure documents. TPA plus CFG fees are aggregated in example illustration.


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Contact Creekside Financial Group Inc. to learn more or for a Fee Comparison with your current 401k vendor.

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