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Happy Family Saving for college
Happy family with good financial plan
College Students
Retired Senior Couple

Balancing family expenses, mortgage, debt, emergency fund, retirement savings, college planning, sustainable retirement income strategies, and social security claiming strategies can be quite complex.  CFG will help you navigate through this very complex financial life.  We will help to establish financial priorities and targeted levels of liquidity and growth with corresponding investment solutions.  Your customized plan may include some or all of the following:


Your customized plan may include some or all of the following:

  • Consumer debt elimination strategy

  • Building and maintaining an emergency fund of liquidity

  • Establishing the correct amount of retirement plan contributions with investment portfolios that match your long-term goals.

  • Investment management of excess savings using tax-managed portfolio models

  • College funding

  • Building wealth, including business-related financial advice

  • Risk management

  • Sustainable retirement income with matching investment strategy

  • Social Security claiming strategies

  • Pension survivorship option analysis

  • Attorney referral for necessary legal documents such as Will, POA, and Advanced Medical Directives.

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